Stanley F. Moat

David Peake
October 3rd, 2023

  • Julie,
    I had the honor of serving as a Company Advisor with Stan for a few years. I believe that all of us Company Advisors get more out of PFEW than the students that attend. Giving back to the community is what life is all about.
    Rest in peace Stan. You did a fantastic job while you were here on earth.
    All the best,

  • Katherine (Kitsie) Converse / October 5, 2023 at 9:55 pm

    Dear Julie,

    I am touched by your family’s togetherness and loved our time together last Friday when I arrived just after hearing the news from Laura. Your welcome and conversation made me feel so at home, and I enjoyed meeting your family again after so long. What a super welcoming, bright, thoughtful creative bunch! A great testimony to you and Stan!

    Love to All and especially to You,

  • Julie and family,
    Jim and I are so sorry to hear about the passing of Stan. 96 years old! What an amazing life. We have such fond memories of wonderful dinners together when we lived in the Gardener’s house, the wedding party you threw for us, Stan’s love of all things German, fun together at Stoudt’s, Stan’s wonderful Mercedes and the twinkle in his eye! He always made us feel incredibly loved and spending time together was always fun. We are so grateful to have those memories and he will be incredibly missed. Sending love support and strength to you all during this challenging time. Much love, Eliza and Jim Scherrer

  • Dear Julie,
    I had the chance to meet Stan in around 1980 as a customer of Contour. I believe we you and I met when I was a guest at your lovely home.
    Stan was a quietly charismatic and charming man. He exuded honor and kindness and integrity. I can’t recall a single time we ever had even a minor tiff.
    He loved and talked about his family. I remember his nice Mercedes when he took me for lovely lunches. A great sense of humor and he never bragged.
    Heaven is richer with him there as those of us who knew him are better off for it.
    Neil K from THEM

  • DRISSI karim / May 9, 2024 at 1:58 pm

    Dear Moat Family,
    I’m very sad to heard about this bad new.
    I was thinking to you often but time is going to fast…
    Many thanks for your warm welcome in 2000.
    Today it’s special day regarding WWII.
    Rest in peace M. MOAT.
    Karim from FRANCE.


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