Patricia Lennig Peterson

David Peake
June 11th, 2019

  • We are so sorry for your loss. Patter was a long-time friend of Awbury Arboretum and her legacy lives on here today more ways than we can count. In 2002, Patter worked to help secure the GCA Founder’s Fund Award for Awbury. Funds from the award enabled Awbury to turn a little-used 4-acre corner of the Arboretum into “The Secret Garden” – a place of active learning and engagement for people of all ages. For nearly 2 decades, The Secret Garden has been a prime location for childrens’ environmental education lessons at Awbury, and has served as a living classroom for lessons about horticulture, bird life, seasons, and many other important topics. In 2017, Awbury installed “AdventureWoods,” a new natural materials playground in the Secret Garden, and the addition has engaged hundreds of additional children and families from the local communities surrounding the Arboretum with this area through encouraging self-guided play and exploration. The Secret Garden is visited weekly throughout the school year by kindergarteners at neighboring Wissahickon Charter School, and summer campers spend many of their camp days in this area. Patter’s passion for horticulture and education has forever changed Awbury, and touched the lives of thousands who may never have had the opportunity to birdwatch, plant a tree, search for insects beneath a rotting log, or simply enjoy a peaceful moment in nature but for the presence of the Secret Garden.


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