Mark E. Howlin

David Peake
November 7th, 2016

  • I first met Mark at a gathering sponsored by a publication that we both read. I later moved to Philadelphia, and was often a guest at the Colonial Inn. He often had other friends gathered there, and there was much laughter and joy as well as some very serious discussions.

    He had a love of life, and a rapier wit. Along with this he was a most generous person, gentle and caring, and everyone who knew him respected and loved him.

    He was a true patriot and always had a special affection for the Cabot, CVL – 28, the light aircraft carrier on which he served during World War II. He narrowly escaped death because soon after he was transferred to Cornell University, a Japanese kamikaze struck the ship and tore open the hull and killed the men in the catapult room where he had been stationed.

    Mark will be missed very much, not only by his close family and friends, but all who came in contact with him.


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