Leah Riband

David Peake
September 28th, 2022

  • We met 1955 at St. Mary’s. Our rooms were adjacent to each other. Became close friends. Leah attended my wedding in 1961 in Chicago. I even remember when she met Herb. It didn’t take long to realize Cupid was in the air! I moved to Pa. when we married . At some point Leah and I decided to drive west to visit our folks. We each had two children. A lot of laughs ensued during those 6 or 700 miles. I also have vivid memories of a very delicious meal prepared by Mr Riband Sr.. I think it had an Italian name that meant Hunter’s Stew. We always kept in touch. In2009 we caught up again at our 50th reunion. Herb was over at ND at the same time. Leah and I were on the phone shortly before her fall. A few years later Herb called and we had a lengthy conversation.I loved Leah and will continue to pray for her. Mary S Murray


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