J. Wallace Smith

David Peake
June 7th, 2021

  • Mr. Smith, you are the kindest and most selfless man I have met in my life. You must have been the inspiration for Jerry Herman when he wrote the lyrics: “Someone puts himself last, so that you can come first.”
    Yes, Mr. Smith, as you always asked from the first time I met you, the family is well and business is good. But let me answer a question that you never asked, I was blessed to have you in my life and I will miss you more than you know.

  • First met Wally Smith at age 12 in 1952 when Mom and Dad moved next door to the Smiths in Erdenheim. He was affable and a wonderful neighbor. As I grew older, Wally and Elaine asked me to be the baby sitter for Richard and Andrea. Elaine supplied me with Cokes and Tastycakes and Wally helped to make me one of the richest kids at Springfield Township High School.
    Wally’s kindness and sense of humor were different from many of the adults I knew at that time. Never heard a sharp or angry word from him. And, of course, his smoking of cigars made him a unique person from those I knew at the time. Occasionally, I enjoy a fine cigar and the next time I light one up, the memory of J. Wallace Smith will come into view.
    Rest In Peace, Wally


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