Harry M. Lavin

David Peake
December 4th, 2020

  • I met Harry in the early 80’s working on Nursing homes and we continued working for nearly 40 years.
    He taught me so much about the industry over the years, I’ve never met anyone so driven, whether he was full of mud in the trenches or putting together a bid with a bunch of crinkled drawings. He got it done on time and smiled and said good job kid let’s get another one.
    And when he sat down in our office it was great listening to him talk about his family and his wife Virginia.
    He’ll be sorely missed our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family.

  • Only knew Harry from a few family gatherings but liked him and his wife so much.
    If one could judge a man by his family, I would say he was a special guy who raised wonderful children from a strong family.
    Will keep Harry in my prayers. God bless him and his family.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Ginny A. Fries

  • On behalf of Garrys Plumbing,
    We would like to express our most sincere sympathy and condolence to Mrs. Lavin and the Lavin family. I have known Harry for the last 35 years, and during that time he has been a mentor, business associate, confidant, and most especially a friend. Harry was a man of great of integrity, strength, dedication, and a man who stood for what was right. He was a man who loved his family and working In the business he started so long ago. The time i spent with him professionally and socially will never be forgotten. Harry has left a lasting impression on me; even though he could be tough at times, I always walked away with a little more knowledge then what I came in with. Harry was one of a kind, and will be missed but never be forgotten.
    (Truly One Of The Greats)

    Garry Dabney

  • I met Virginia at a conference in Atlanta in 1982. We lived so close together that shortly after returning to PA, I was invited to her home wherein I met Harry. It was quickly shown that anyone under “Harry’s Umbrella” was well taken care of. He was interested in the happenings of all around him and would help whenever possible. He loved Virginia and his family very much and enjoyed the times they were all together. Harry was certainly one of a kind and I will miss him.
    My sincere condolences to his personal and business families.


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