George R. Rittenhouse

David Peake
February 8th, 2016

  • George Rittenhouse was one of my mentors as an immigrant from England and working as a life insurance agent. He gave me a lot of guidance about how the large corporations function. My wife, who met George at a General Refractories party for Mr. Wick, the Austrian executive for the company, said when told George had died. “I liked him. He was a gentleman.” A perfect reaction by many who knew him, no doubt. A gentle soul with a great interest in the administration of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Loved his condominium in Florida. Just a first class individual who had a long run in life. I will always be grateful to his advice and guidance in my early days. After reading his obituary. I realized that having been a Market Monitor on PBS’ “Nightly Business News, ” for eleven years. A program he probably watched, that we probably had been in touch, indirectly, later in our lives.

    My wife and I offer our condolences to George’s wonderful family at this difficult time.

    Peter and Lillian Green


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