Peter C. McVeigh

David Peake
February 10th, 2017

  • Marge Drueding, S.S.J. / February 10, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    My prayers & condolences to Peter’s children & siblings! While I hadn’t seen Pete in years, we went to grade school together at St. Therese in Mount Airy & I have wonderful memories of Peter & those early days. His obituary & life story are truly inspiring! What an incredibly great man he was. Know of special prayers for Peter & for all of you!

  • Jane McVeigh Schultz / February 10, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    My brother Peter left a legacy that is staggering. Maggie, our sister, captures that legacy as well as Peter’s humor, dedication, and brave heart. He never missed an opportunity to challenge the status quo or the complacency of privilege. Peter pushed students to examine their values and move in the direction of justice and compassion. I am awed by the bravery of Peter’s children, and the delight and love they and his grandchildren and students felt for him. There have been floods of messages. So many convey the sense that Peter changed lives, one student at a time and that he taught others to take responsibility for righting inequity, for acting with courage and living beyond ego and selfishness. He was a hero who made everyday heroism seem not only possible, but necessary. I love you, brother.

  • Helen Piszek Nelson '70 / February 10, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    My sincere condolences to all of Peter’s family. He was a truly inspirational part of Germantown Academy, the likes of him will never be seen again. Thanks to his family for sharing him with all of us. Peter, may you rest in peace as Jesus receives you into his loving arms.

  • Peter, you have been a good, wise, fun friend to my family. Thank you for being there for my granddaughter and also for my kids at our time of loss. You will always be remembered and appreciated. God Bless you.

  • We never miss a friend, They become part of Our being.

  • I was stunned to hear of “Mr. McVeighs” passing tonight, sitting in the lounge of The Breakers in Spring Lake NJ, alongside a table of friends

    On my ride back to Princeton I thought of the cardboard forts we built as cubicles and the gerbils we where allowed to house in the classroom that overlooked the land where during recess we would have those great football games, he as quaterback designee of both teams, John Gillen, Mike Kendree,Brandon Mayfield, et al

    Though we grew apart for some obvious and some not reasons,I would occasionally gravitate to his now Upper School room where he’d allow me to sit in and even help to teach. And boy could he teach

    Though you’re gone physically your spirit and memories have survived Boy do I miss those forts,gerbils and spirals. And you

    I’ll look for one of the passes down the road
    And yes, The Hawk Never Dies/XX

  • As the class of ’68 at St Joe’s prepares for the 50th anniversary celebration of our graduation, we are deeply saddened we will not be joined by our friend and colleague Peter Campion Mc Veigh.
    Pete was the embodiment of the “never say die” spirit we cherish
    at Hawk Hill. He was president of the Boosters which was the largest and most important club on campus. In 1967 the school presented Pete with the first ever Spirit Award. The presentation was made by the AD Jack McKinney, who would later coach the LA Lakers. He stated Pete “best exemplified the spirit of a Hawk Booster You know life is often not fair. We had Pete for only four short years while GA was lucky to have him for 46 !. Pete may be gone but he is
    fondly remembered by his classmates.
    Pete was perfect example of why “The Hawk will never die”

    John Montague
    Class of ’68 SJU


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